We, together with our partners, are sparking a new insight in the air retail ecosystem.

Through this work we have come to value a Decentralized Air Retail Network Manifesto:

  • All stakeholders have one thing in common – the desire to provide a better experience for passenger in terms of better and wider offering.
  • The business network and all decisions around it will be governed / agreed on by the consortium stakeholders.
  • All stakeholders in the decentralized air retail network have the same rights and obligations.
  • All stakeholders have access to all information on a need to know basis.
  • All air retail related companies are welcome.
  • No stakeholder can be rejected / banned for commercial reasons.
  • All stakeholders can exchange value at their term and criteria.
  • Inside the consortium, all stakeholders are free to choose their cooperation and fulfillment partners based on their business needs.
  • Inside the consortium, 3rd party lock-in or parity agreements which could harm cooperation are prohibited / banned.