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At biztribution we think forward about new ways to understand travel & tourism industry. We are a passionate company focused on how technology can be applied to better serve our customers.

Almost 30 years ago the Internet shifted completely the relationship model between your business and your customer, in a close future, emerging technologies such blockchain or distributed ledger technology, are going to change it again providing a better and efficient distribution of your content, which will help your business to give a better & clear value proposition avoiding overheads and intermediaries.

We are building the future…

biztribution is building a blockchain solution where tourism and transportation eco system can load their content on a multi distributed ledger.

  • Its smart contracts will provide to the industry a way to enforce obligations without any 3rd party involved and with full traceability.
  • Its design will bring simplicity to the system throwing a significant cost reduction for providers.
  • Distribution is part of our DNA, which represents that no one has the control of the data, that every party has the control of its own content and a great resiliency against security incidents or outages.
  • It´s a question of B2B and not of cryptocurrencies. Key features as private data, permissioned environment or selective endorsement will provide to the industry unleashed capabilities.
  • … while preserving legacy functionalities.



Reply to your customers with hundreds of availabilities in milliseconds without loading your PSS / Offer & Order. Management system


Deliver accurate fares data to your customers before your competitors serves a single one.


Based on IATA’s SSIM specification, it brings requested schedules to your customer in the blink of an eye.


Based on biztribution’s Flight Schedules solution, it delivers in real-time:

      • Those legs of flight schedules that fulfill customer request, based on origin & destination, airlines and trip dates,
      • All destinations from all origins served,
      • Timetables for a range of dates,

while supporting IATA’s metropolitan area codes, restrictions based on information contained on Data Elements Information and a multiday search based on a time span.



Based on Origin & Destinations solution it provides state of the art functionality such as:

      • Route finder: it allows to find flights far away from interline flights by combining all available possibilities.
      • Multi Airline Ready.
      • Compute out of the Offer & Order Management / PSS


Pricing engine tool fed with airline data, with a wide and flexible collection of business rules that allows to provide a real Personalized Pricing in real-time as a function of different parameters. Its powerful business rules tools allows to apply business logic from outside biztribution’s Personalized Pricing solution, including entry points to external web services for information retrieval such as Airline Revenue Management System or Loyalty Systems among others.

It brings a real-time personalized pricing based on airline data and 3rd party data available, delivered on a customer basis at a given time.


to help airline retailing to improve its efficiency


to provide cutting edge technology that helps our customers and new players to succeed

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